Dominic Albo
Artist Statement
Art Work

My art focuses on shadows, mostly self-portraits. While the actual shadow tends to be static and two-dimensional, I create context and depth through the use of different materials and technique.  It
is through my use of collage, transfers, oil, acrylic and epoxy on canvas, wood or paper, that I infuse the shadow with meaning whether sullen and sad or lyrical and celebratory.

My recent paintings on paper incorporate a significant amount of collage to give depth and weight. The multifaceted nature of collage and my layered application of the paints, often with exaggerated drippings and brush strokes, set forth a darker point of view than much of my prior work. When working with canvas, I use rabbit skin glue as my preferred method of preparation. The taut, textured canvas embraces the shadow to present a luminous and ephemeral subject. In my wood pieces the solidity of the wood evokes a different reaction. It tells a story of permanence and allows the shadow to take root.

The image an individual projects, is multifaceted in form and meaning, and my paintings show this in a new light. The viewer is presented with an idea, and emotion and a feeling. Through this interpretation I show the viewer an image that may not have yet been contemplated
and enjoyed.